You are here Curriculum Learner Profile

These are the attributes that we strive to instill in our students and are manifested in their daily interactions with their teachers and peers.

Creative Thinker- our learners are visionary and innovative. They have the ability “to think outside of the box” and can analyze a given situation in various perspectives.

  • Thinks critically
  • Attentive and focused
  • Makes thoughtful/reflective decisions
  • Able to find alternative solutions to given problems
  • Uses reasoning strategies, knowledge and common sense to solve problems
  • Uses organizational system to obtain information from various sources
  • Responsive to different ideas/topics
  • Imaginative

Self-Directed Learner- our learners are highly engaged with the learning process and have a knack for asking questions and finding out answers. They are self-sufficient and have a love for lifelong learning.

  • Works well independently
  • Shows initiative by using time effectively
  • Us es appropriate reference tools
  • Demonstrates organizational skills
  • Evaluates own learning
  • Understands and retains information
  • Perseveres with difficult activities
  • Demonstrates understanding of concepts studied

Socially Responsible- our learners are principled, thoughtful and cooperative. They can work not only as individuals but also as a team. They are empathetic of social issues and seek to contribute to the betterment of society be it in a micro perspective (family and school) or macro level (community, politics, etc).

  • Works cooperatively and collaboratively within a group
  • Maintains self-control
  • Behaves responsibly towards rules and authority
  • Respects the rights, opinions and abilities of others
  • Interacts well with others
  • Accepts responsibility for own actions
  • Demonstrates positive attitude
  • Accepts constructive criticisms

Effective Communicator-our learners are highly expressive individuals. They can confidently express their ideas and present them in various forms.

  • Makes relevant contributions to discussions
  • Expresses ideas with elaboration and support
  • Asks relevant questions to clarify/understand
  • Varied presentation skills
  • Speaks appropriately for audience and setting
  • Listens, responds and interacts respectfully
  • Respectful of other’s opinions even if not in agreement with them
  • Critiques, interprets, applies and transmit information effectively

Quality Producer- eB learners pride themselves as Reflective Achievers. They are persistent with work and understands the importance not only of the “product” (end-result) but also of the “process”.

  • Transitions appropriately between activities and lessons
  • Stays on tasks and uses time constructively
  • Checks work and makes corrections
  • Organizes belongings and materials
  • Completes quality work in a timely manner
  • Shows responsibility for homework
  • Puts forth best effort
  • Comes prepared for class


“Equal Bright School of Multiple Intelligences developing learners who are more responsive to the challenges of tomorrow.”