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RFID Security and Access Control

We use radio-frequency identification (RFID) and a high-tech pick-up system to monitor and protect your children while on school grounds. No unauthorized person can enter the school are if they don't have the appropriate access rights to enter the school property. 

The RFID security system discreetly monitors the location of your child throughout the day so that parents, teachers and school administration may know where your child is located at any given time during the school day. This is achieved by placing sensors at all areas where your child may be while at school.

All students and personnel are given RFID access which allows door access only to those who should be permitted to enter certain school areas, thus preventing any access by unauthorized people.

Finally, the RFID system only allows authorized parents or guardians dropping off or picking up students to enter the main gate of the school property.

The system has been proven effective in many secure environments, and become the high-standard security system.

Send your child to equalBright and rest assured that every measure is being taken to protect your child.