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Smart Board


  • Make lessons pop like never before. With a widescreen SMART Board interactive whiteboard and an ultra-short-throw projector that offers stunning image quality, the SmartBoard brings lesson files, websites, videos and images to life. The system also includes an extended control panel that enables you to easily connect multimedia devices, keeping lessons interactive and engaging.
  • Touch Recognition makes using the SMART Board interactive whiteboard a completely natural experience, and that has direct benefits for teaching and learning.
  • For teachers new to the SMART Board, this feature helps them become proficient more quickly. That’s because the intuitive flow of writing and erasing on the board is similar to how traditional chalkboards and whiteboards are used.
  • And the sooner teachers become comfortable with the technology, the sooner they can start engaging students with interactive lessons.
  • Touch Recognition also has benefits for technology-savvy teachers. Instead of having to search for on-screen menus and shortcuts as they deliver lessons, they can concentrate on what really matters – teaching their students.