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Classmate PC

Each student will be given a Classmate PC, a laptop specially designed for use in educational environments to assist in the learning of your child through the use of technology. Students will be able to interact with their classmates while in the classroom: they can share files, observe others, collaborate in group assignments, and more. Teachers will be able to interact with students by observing them while they work, sending files to them, or even showcasing a student's work on the whiteboard.

What is the benefit of the Classmate PC if my child is absent, you ask? Students can access and retrieve assignments, submit homework, or work with peers even while not in school. Whether you are on vacation with your family, or your child is home sick, all your child needs is access to the internet and they can still be part of the class.

Keeping in mind that each child's intelligences vary, teachers will be able to customize the materials and resources used in the learning of your child. This differentiated learning and instruction will be carried out in such a way that your child won't even be aware that they are getting a curriculum specified for their individualized education plan. This allows students to progress in their learning at a comfortable pace for them, while also allowing higher achievers the ability to get more challenging tasks to advance their learning.